48 Hours project

Films created in 48h from scripting to post.

Ici Ailleurs

October 2016


Genre: Buddy movie

Character: Thierry Rossigneux – Motivational speaker

Line: “Where is she now?”

Prop: A map


October 2016


Genre: Crime

Character: Camille Fontaine – comics book illustrator

Line: “She was here a minute ago”

Prop: A bicycle part

A la lisière des rêves

October 2015


Genre: Film about family

Character: Jean-Marie Lecheval – farmer

Line: “Why does it always rain on me ?”

Prop: A recycling bin

Coucou Shanon

October 2015


Genre: Fish out of water

Character: Thierry Rossigneux – Advertising Executive

Line: “What did you say?”

Prop: A roll of tape

Crime passionnel

October 2014


Genre: Silent

Character : David Roussy – window washer

Line : “I wouldn’t touch that!

Prop : A measuring stick


October 2013


Genre: Thriller

Character : Sarah Lebeyrand – building contracter

Line : “It’s completely blocked”

Prop : A flask